Next generation web development and managed hosting


Speedy sites retain your visitors.

Our systems have been designed and tuned to provide visitors a light speed experience. Your site will be pleasant to navigate ensuring visitors do not turn away before getting the message.


Security is our number 1 priority.

Our custom web stack is built from the ground up with security in mind. Jediweb servers are routinely patched and monitored to protect your site from the dark side of the Internet.


Experienced service and support.

Our team is a dedicated and highly motivated group with enterprise level experience. We strive to ensure that your queries are resolved promptly and informatively.

Site Development

Let us take on all the technical mumbo jumbo of building your site. You just answer a few basic questions, like what colours you want and what sort of look & feel you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have a logo? No problem, we have you covered. You don’t have any content for your site? No problem, we can generate that too. You don’t have any images or videos? No problem, we have it sorted.

This is where a lot of other web agencies will leave you – not us though. Once your site is created, you need to make sure that people can find you. We have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts on hand to ensure your site can be found by people looking for your services or products. We also offer user training so you can add fresh new content to your site as often as you like.

Managed Hosting

Why worry about managing a server if you can get someone else to do it? The server your site is hosted on is the foundation of your web presence. A poorly managed server results in a poor visitor experience. The Team at Jediweb have many years experience administering mission critical IT infrastructure.​

To ensure the best performance possible, each Jediweb site is hosted on it’s own Virtual Private Server (VPS). We use a refined balance of proven and cutting edge technology to ensure that your site runs smoothly and swiftly without excessive resource requirements. Your VPS will be kept up-to-date, protecting it from known security vulnerabilities and providing the latest performance enhancements. Jediweb sites are monitored around the clock, ensuring that any issues are detected and dealt with quickly, minimising the impact on visitors.

Already got a site but want to upgrade to managed hosting? Not a problem, drop us a line to discuss the options.

Security is Key

Your site is a representation of your business to the entire world, making it imperative that it only does what you want it to do. Miscreants out there on the Internet are persistent in trying to coerce sites into serving their malicious intentions. By exploiting vulnerabilities in your site’s configuration or software, these miscreants are able to serve malware to visitors or even turn your site into a SPAM bot. Why should you care? If your site starts misbehaving it will be quickly detected by protective services, such as Spamhaus and Google Safe Browsing, leading to your site being blocked and emails from your domain not being delivered. 

The Team at Jediweb have used their experience in the IT Security Industry to develop a comprehensive defence-in-depth approach to securing your site. Key features of our security offerings include fast deployment of security updates, Distributed Denial of Service protection (DDoS), hardening at all layers of the software stack, from the operating system all the way up to your site itself, and active scanning and blocking any known bad activity.

With our focus on security, speed and service you can rest easy knowing your site is in the right hands.